Jennika Yoga:

Jennika is a local San Diego yoga instructor that wanted a logo to represent the flow of the human body when doing yoga. The brush strokes give the logo a nice movement and the color evokes tranquility. We added #bendyourlimits hashtag for multiple marketing aspects.

Chris Jensen Group:

Chris Jensen is a San Diego based real estate agent. He was looking for a high end logo that represented the type of houses he sells. We wanted the logo to work on many levels and different background colors. The key is used to represent the unlocking of peoples dreams.

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Odineva Designs + Events:

Odineva works in many types of mediums such as: interior design, graphics, photography, and event planning. Artistically, the client wanted to have all mediums represented in the logo and this is what I came up with. It is now, their main logo.

C&N Universe, Inc:

For this client I needed to create a responsive website that could be cross platform. Whether you are on a desktop, tablet, or smartphone your experience is completely the same. 100% customized by me.

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